US Merchant Marine T-Shirts

Back in late 2001 or early 2002 we had an order of T-shirts produced. Most were sold, but while cleaning my attic I found a cache of t-shirts that had been kept in an air tight storage bin. They are in brand new condition.

T-shirts are 10 dollars each, shipping is 3 dollars. The shirts are professionally screen printed in 6 colors with the Merchant Marine image on the front and “USMMA” printed in blue on the right sleeve.

We are selling these shirts to help offset some expenses for our homecoming festivities. We hope to have some additional offerings in the near future for those that are interested.


Large T-shirts, only two one left in stock!


Large shirts are sold out! 

Extra Large T-shirts, 24 shirts available.

1 thought on “US Merchant Marine T-Shirts”

  1. James Trynosky said:

    The story behind this T-shirt is that my older brother was going for a jog on a trail in northern NJ. While jogging he encountered another runner that was wearing this shirt. He stopped the guy and mentioned that his brother was about to be a 1st classman at Kings Point, and inquired about where to get a shirt like his. The guy said he had three, took the shirt off his back and gave it to my brother. We had it duplicated at a print shop and added the USMMA to the sleeve.

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