Sweet Refund Checks

Now that tax day has arrived and some are flush with sweet refund checks from the U.S. Treasury, it would be a great time to head over to the donation page on the Alumni Association’s website.  While the GSA is having million dollar Las Vegas shindigs, things are tight at KP.  The class of 2002 can do a lot to support the various activities that have given us so many great memories.  Skip the dollar donation to the presidential campaign fund, and instead make a donation towards the class gift.

Click here to go to Alumni Foundation’s donation page

P.S.  If you are feeling the pain with having to remit money to the U.S. Treasury, remember that gifts are tax deductible to reduce your taxable income.

Chapel Jubilee


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For those that didn’t see the announcement on facebook or the alumni newsletter the other day we have some new information.

For all those married at Kings Point Chapel, or those wishing you were married there, Here is your opportunity. The USMMA Alumni Foundation will be hosting an anniversary celebration and renewal of wedding vows. Fr. Dave Berlotti ’82 with Fr. Ron Camarda ’81 will celebrate the 1000 Catholic Mass followed by renewal of wedding vows. Protestant service and renewal will be at 1130 followed by a Jewish ceremony at 1300. Lunch will be provided in Wiley Hall, the drill team, members of the regimental band and bagpipers will perform, and the Chapel’s Golden Jubilee ceremony will follow. Grad’s and non-grads are welcome.

Here’s a draft agenda for the moment:::

Mariner Chapel 50th Anniversary Celebration

Sunday, April 29, 2012

1000 – Catholic services and renewal of vows

1130 – Protestant services and renewal of vows

1130-1330 Lunch in Wiley Hall

1300-1400 Jewish service and renewal of vows

1400 – Entertainment by drill team, bag-piper, etc.

1430   Welcome by AAF

Superintendent Welcome

Chaplain Welcome and Invocation

History of Chapel

Old Testament Reading/Song

Chapel Reflections – Steve Turner ’61

New Testament Reading/Song

Featured Speakers

FATHER Ron Camarda ‘81

FATHER David Bertolitti ‘82

Gospel Reading/Song

Chapel Reflections – current midshipman (TBA)



Eternal Father Hymn

Thank you/Dismissal


Alma Mater Song

1630 Dessert/Coffee – Wiley Hall

Please RSVP to Lisa Donitz if you plan to renew your vows and attend the luncheon (lisa.donitz@alumni.usmma.edu or 516-773-5658). Make sure to let her know which Religious Service you would be interested in attending. You do not need to be a graduate to participate in the ceremonies.

Scott Douglass


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Continuing with our profiles of the class of 2002, Scott Douglass checks in from the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area.

Scott sailed with Maersk for about 6 years and upgraded to Chief Mate before getting married to Carrie, his HS Junior Prom date in 2008.  He bought a slope-side condo in Lake Tahoe back in 2003, but they decided to move to the Bay Area so his wife could pursue her passion in education reform. They still use the condo as a vacation getaway.  He worked on the Bay for about a year as a mate/deck-hand and looking to eventually work towards becoming a SF Bay Pilot.  He was drilling in a MMROCH SELRES unit in Alameda in 2008 and volunteered for a three year RECALL to active duty as an officer recruiter at Navy Recruiting District San Francisco.  Scott is the Nuclear and Civil Engineering programs coordinator for the District and might extend another two years on active duty.  He has really been enjoying working with students that want to serve their country.

Scott and Carrie started their own business in 2007 and created and produce the Cascade Lakes Relay, which is a 216 mile running relay in Oregon (www.CascadeLakesRelay.com).  They have sold-out the race the last 3 years with 190 teams of 12 runners.  It’s been a lot of work but also a lot of fun in producing an event that so many people enjoy.  They are looking to expand their business in the next few years to add a few more races.  Currently they are in the early planning stages of a multi-sport event in South Lake Tahoe where you snowshoe 2 miles, downhill-ski from the top to bottom of Heavenly Resort, bike 18 miles, run 5 miles, kayak 2 miles, and sprint 1 mile to the finish with a team of six, two, or solo.

He recently met up for dinner with Ed Rush and family a few weeks ago, and spent a lot of time with Nate Menefee and his family while they were stationed in the bay area, before getting their recent transfer to Alaska.

Scott is looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

We’d like to profile the entire class in the months leading up to the reunion, in order to give everyone a chance to see what we’ve all been up to. If your interested please send us an email letting us know what adventures you’ve been on, and where life has taken you over the past decade. or head to the Vessel Registry to provide us your contact information and we’ll reach out to you. Include some pictures or video. We look forward to hearing from all of you! 



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If you’ve been following the website, and our postings over at the facebook group you may have noticed that the front page was updated to include a link to our new homecoming corporate sponsor DONJON- SMIT. Something that has been done effectively by classes in the past to bring down the cost of reunion activities is to engage corporate sponsors to help defray some of the costs.

This can go a long way in maximizing the value of the tickets you will purchase for the events we host. For example if we have 120 guests, we’ll need a tent rental to hold that many people for the tailgate and the reunion party later in the day. The cost of this is estimated to be around $1550 which would include all the tables and chairs as well. If we had 4 or 5 companies kick in a few hundred dollars each to cover this cost, it would reduce the cost of our tickets by about 13 dollars per person. By doing this we can pass the savings on to everyone who is spending a lot of money to attend or travel to Kings Point for the weekend, and we can also look at improving the various food options that might be available.

I’m hoping to have someone assigned in the near future to reach out to people in securing sponsorships, but in the mean time if you own your own business, work for a company that would consider contributing, or know a family or friend who has a business that might like to help we encourage you to reach out to them or consider contacting us to set something up. We will of course link our website to the sponsor, provide a write-up similar to what has been done for DONJON-SMIT, display their banner at our reunion party location, and depending on the nature of the sponsorship would incorporate the logo into planned fundraising promotional items.

We hope everyone will consider this, even if you are unable to attend homecoming weekend, it would be a great way to participate and help everyone have a memorable time. Please contact Tim Williamson or Jim Trynosky if you have any questions, or leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

GMATS: MARAD’s David Matsuda Speaks

Over at gCaptain, they have a post by David Matsuda on the GMATS closing:

Last month, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy made the decision to close the Global Maritime and Transportation School (GMATS), based on a recommendation from an internal task force.  We want to share with the maritime community why this step was necessary.

Head on over to gCaptain to read the full scoop…