Class Notes – Summer 2013

From the Summer 2013 issue of Kings Pointer Magazine,

As I sit here tapping away at my keyboard for this latest Kings Pointer Column, I can’t believe it’s my third issue at the helm but at the same time it’s becoming routine. I solicit updates on facebook or email, wait until the day the thing is due hoping more will come in, and pull something together at the last minute. Procrastination is second nature to Kings Pointers, and sadly what is also becoming second nature is dealing with scandal at the Academy. As the deadline looms on May 1st, (I think I have a few hours left) the Alumni Foundation is facing eviction from campus. My sincere hope as I write this update is that by the time this issue lands in your hands, an amicable resolution has been reached between Wiley Hall and the Alumni Foundation. Regardless of one’s opinion of the warring factions in this latest bit of turmoil on Steamboat Road, the fact is that the Alumni Foundation can work best by having a physical presence at the Academy, and our donated time and money can be put to the best use by having a productive working relationship with the administration. I hope this latest bit of drama provokes more people to get involved in their local Alumni chapters. Now on to the updates.

The past two years we have been running an illegal gambling pool for the NCAA Tournament, this year participation was a bit on the light side, but Michael Rattigan won for the second year running. We are going to continue running this to raise a little bit of money on the off years for our big reunion parties, so be on the lookout for info on Facebook and the class website next February for the 2014 tournament, we must deny a Rattigan Three-peat.

Congratulations to Eben Samuelson on his engagement to Leslie Peate! They are planning a wedding for late August, we wish you both a long and happy marriage.

Jeff Greco is having fun watching his 17 month old daughter grow up.  He and Abby are expecting their second child in June.  Jeff is working at NAS Whidbey Island and routinely sees Brendan Gray and various alumni from other classes.

As for me, my wife and I welcomed our second daughter Catherine Grace into the world on April 10th, mom and baby are doing great and we couldn’t be happier. I’m planning on hosting a scaled back tailgate at homecoming this year for our class, if it’s allowed… I’ll get more details on that out toward the end of the summer. Nothing fancy, burgers, some beer and a chance for anyone who is in the area to come hang out.

Until next time,


The summer issue is not yet available online. 

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