Class Notes – Spring 2013

From the Spring 2013 issue of Kings Pointer Magazine,

Updates were pretty sparse over the past quarter. I see a lot from all of you on facebook, but there are a good number of your classmates that are not regular users of the various social media sites, or choose not to participate at all. If you have some news you’d like to share please let me know. The deadline for the summer issue will be May 1st. We have so many entrepreneurs starting new companies, kids being born, license upgrades, military promotions etc, I’d love to include more of this great news in the quarterly column.

Adam Greenly checked in, he got out of the Navy in 2008 and moved to Charlotte North Carolina to become a police officer. He’s now working as a homicide detective.

I’m happy to announce the latest Professional Engineer to join our ranks. Steve Madgwick passed the fall exam in Mechanical Engineering. Steve flew to New York from Kansas to take the exam and opted to take the Thermal and Fluid systems module in the afternoon, which as I understand it is much more difficult than the HVAC module I took several years ago. It seems that there are quite a few P.E.’s from our class, and I know there are a few out there prepping to take the exam in the future. I’m sure Professor Gardner would be proud.

Tim Williamson and his wife Lupita got a special Christmas present this year. The Williamsons welcomed their second son Robert Louis into the world early on Christmas morning.

Photo #1

Joseph Willis was able to sail as Chief Engineer for the first time, he and his wife also welcomed their second child recently, .a boy Joseph Preston, born in January.

It ‘s been a while since Tim Porter has checked in. He is still sailing with MSC and is the First Officer Cargo aboard the newest ship in service, the USNS Medgar Evers TAKE13. Classmate Scott Bachmann is aboard as second engineer cargo. Tim says “it’s been great taking this ship from nothing to operational on an impossible timeline of 6 weeks. We are currently loading ammo NWS Earle NJ and by publish date will be deployed with the HS Truman to the sand pit. Back in December, Bob Andrea flew from Japan to join me and 6 other friends on an awesome ski trip to Banff Alberta Canada. During my leave while on deployment, I plan on flying to Japan in April to ski there with Bob before he moves to his next duty station after being selected to the aviation FTS community. The picture below still confirms that he is a birdbrain though. Good job, congratulations Bob!”

Photo #2

John Downing writes to let us know he is still in the Coast Guard and is stationed in San Diego.

In the last issue I mentioned that Tim Williamson and Mike Gillespie were hard at work pumping out the subway, train, and car tunnels in and around NYC. They finished up their work in about two weeks, leaving the port authority with the task of cleaning up. Things are finally getting back to normal, but apparently set some kind of record for the pumping operation. I think they had less than a fifty guys working for them between all the various projects, and they managed to run circles around the NYC Fire Dept, that was conducting their own pump out operation with a crews of hundreds. At the end of the operation they were given a tour of 1 WTC (The Freedom Tower) as a thank you for their hard work. Mike conducted a spirit mission for our class and tagged a beam on the 104th floor.

Photo #3

That all I have for now. Until next time…


The spring issue is not yet available online. 

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