Class Gift

Acta non Verba! Remembering our motto, we have set two ambitious goals for our class gift. First, we are striving for 100% participation of class members in providing a donation. In these trying economic times, and knowing that we are all still young and finding our way, everyone has varying degrees of capability in providing a donation, but we hope that at least every member of the class of 2002 can contribute something to this cause. For on less than the cost of your monthly utility bill or probably your cell phone bill, you can show that 2002 stands proudly together in supporting our school.

Secondly, we want to make our mark as a class by beating the record in what is donated by a class on their ten year reunion. With a contribution of $200.20 over the course of the next year, the amount we are asking everyone to consider, we will set records for fund raising for a 10 year class gift. Some may want to give more, and we are setting a top tier goal of $2002 (which would earn you membership to the Alumni Foundation’s Superintendent’s Council). If a few can meet this goal, we will cruise past older reunion classes; give the regiment in the stands something to really cheer about, as well as giving the Alumni Foundation something to marvel at. As we march onto the field, we’re hoping to present our class gift in the amount of $50,000.