Academy Alcohol Policy

The Academy has recently issued Superintendent’s Instruction 2012-11 Policy on Alcohol Consumption on Academy Grounds. 

This document has been posted at the Alumni Foundation webpage and should be view there by all who plan on consuming alcoholic beverages on campus.

In order to comply with the policy we have submitted a request to serve alcohol during our tailgate event and reunion party. As part of the request we have volunteered to take a number of measures to ensure that alcohol is served only to paid attendees of legal age. These measures are listed below.

  • Events for the Class of 2002 where alcohol is served will be restricted to our location on McNulty Campus. Final location will be determined by the Alumni Foundation based on tent requirements.
  • Midshipmen are not permitted to attend Class of 2002 events, and in no case will alcohol be served to members of the Regiment.
  • Adult paid attendees for the Class of 2002 will be given wrist bands to identify them as being eligible to be served alcohol. Any non-class of 2002 paid attendees may be required to provide identification to prove that they are of legal age to be served alcohol.
  • The keg station will be supervised to ensure there is no access to underage attendees. If at any point the keg must be unsupervised (potentially during the football march on) the taps will be removed from the kegs, until such a point where supervision may be resumed.
  • Keg beer shall be served in red Solo brand cups, or an equal product.
  • Adequate alternative beverages will be provided for those not wishing to consume alcohol, we will be serving a wide variety of canned soft drinks and bottled water. These beverages will be served with paper cold drink cups to distinguish them from beer cups.
  • No alcohol provided by the organizers will be permitted to be brought on to Tomb field for the class march on, or football game.
  • All attendees have been or will be provided with Mass Transit schedule to allow for planning. The latest schedules will be posted to the class website at  prior to the homecoming events.
  • We will distribute the academies alcohol policy to all paid attendees prior to the event via email, and post it to our website and facebook groups.

Please help us enforce this policy by refusing to serve any wayward Midshipman who may find their way to McNulty Campus at any point during the day. Our goal should be to enjoy each others company, catch up with old friends, and have a good time with our friends and guests. The current students can join us at our 15th Reunion if they are that interested.

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