With all the drama surrounding the eviction of the Alumni Association and Foundation being evicted from the campus of the Academy, we wanted to do a recap post for everyone to follow what’s been happening.

We’ll try to keep this updated as things develop, but as of last Thursday May 9th the AAF is scheduled to be removed from campus ASAP. There was to be a hearing on Friday the 10th, but we have not yet seen the outcome.

I attended a meeting of my local Alumni Chapter (Central New Jersey) with the Superintendent on Thursday night, and while Mike Gillespie and I had a nice dinner in his company at the same table, we didn’t get much information out of him other than updates on the state of the Academy infrastructure and how they are handling sequestration, (Murphy hall renovations are to be completed soon, Cleveland Hall is next and the final phase of the barracks rehab project, Mallory Pier is scheduled to be completed by next April, The New Kings Pointer is delayed at the shipyard because the shipyard destroyed a line shaft bearing and sequestration cuts, MARAD found a million dollars to bolster payroll so no teachers had to be furloughed).

The superintendent during the Q&A session with the attendees refused to answer questions about the dispute with the AAF. I had hoped for some candid discussion on the issues, and was disappointed that my time was wasted. My personal view is that the current administration in Wiley Hall is not interested in working with the AAF. Your opinion may differ. I initially avoided an emotional response to contact my representatives but after seeing the back and forth I have been in contact with Congressman Lance’s office in NJ 7th district and would encourage others to contact their representatives. The AAF can do its best work on campus, in a situation where they pay minimal rent so our donations to do the maximum good for the Midshipmen.

My personal opinion aside I intended this post as a recap of all information that has been distributed the past couple of weeks.

Here is the link to the original notice from the Alumni Foundation


Here is the response from the Academy


Follow up from the AAF Board of Directors


Update on court ruling


As things continue to develop I will try and keep you all posted.