Almost fourteen years ago, we arrived at the Academy as students for the first time. After a whirlwind induction process in O’Hara Hall, a sorting ceremony worthy of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (aka black magic marker on the hand), a trip through zero deck, the barber shop, the ship’s store and some fun time getting our personal belongings kicked around the grinder by Drill Instructors looking to make a positive first impression, we arrived in the barracks where we would spend the next few years of our lives. We were sorted into 5 groups, where most of us would stay, and  in these companies we formed some of our closest friendships, and what will be life long bonds.

During those two and a half weeks of indoctrination we competed in many ridiculous challenges, sporting events, and competitions in order to earn the title of honor company for a brief period of time, until it was stripped away and given to the winner of the next challenge.  Equally important was the dreaded title of rock company.

In an effort to rekindle that sense of competition between the companies, we introduce the 2002 Honor Company Challenge Cup. Using an advanced physics equation learned while earning my D for done, the donation totals will be tabulated and attributed to each company. The company with the highest total will have the engraved cup presented to them during our class party. We hope to repeat this tradition every five years, where the wining company can toast each other drinking cheap champagne and keg beer from the trophy cup. At the end of homecoming weekend we’ll see if we can find a place to have it displayed at the Babson Center for all Kings Point Alumni to marvel at it’s magnificence.

The current running totals can be viewed at 2002 Honor Company Challenge Cup page.