Fellow classmates,

I hope everyone is having a great start to 2012.  January is almost completed, and the Super Bowl is around the corner.  (Congrats to you Giants and Patriot fans out there.)  And if sports aren’t your thing, I’m sure you’re enjoying the decent political theater right now in the presidential primary field.

I’d like to give the class an update on where we stand with the class gift and fundraising effort as we draw closer to finishing the first month of the year.  As of right now, the class has raised $1,250 for our ten year reunion gift.  I’d like to thank everyone who donated, as it’s great to start the year off right with a solid number.  That being said, we are dead last for the anniversary year classes with monies raised so far.  2007 has raised $7,400 already for their five year reunion gift.  That number sure perked me up, but the we’re still early in the race!

Part of the reunion process is the formation of a class fund raising committee to help contribute in raising the class gift for our alma mater.  A gift that will only end up being a very small percentage of what has been given to us.  If you are interested in helping with this important task, please email me at:  tpwilliamson@usmma2002.com.  It would be great if we could get a committee made up of a representative from each company, so that committee can assist in the tracking class members down for “where are they now” posts on the site.

Many thanks for your time,