A great way to stay close to the action on campus, and maybe save some money and designated driver worries is to rent an RV for the weekend and park it down at the waterfront. Unfortunately space for RV’s has become increasingly limited, and we’ve been told this coming year will be no exception. There is room for perhaps only five six reservations this year.

If you are planning on attending, and are thinking about getting together with a few classmates for an RV rental, you should seriously consider reserving your spot now.

You can do so at the following link.

R.V. Registration

The page indicates that there are no slots remaining for 2011 Homecoming weekend, but I received confirmation that they have my application, and I expect to hear back from them when they start making the arrangements for the festivities next fall.

If you aren’t interested in staying in a cramped RV all weekend, no need to worry. In the near future I will be making arrangements to reserve a block of rooms at a hotel, hopefully somewhere close. I’ll disseminate that information when it becomes available. Depending on what the party plans end up being, we also will probably arrange a shuttle van to cart people back and forth to the hotel so we can take driving out of the equation for those that are interested. But we want to make sure everyone is aware that if you are planning on the RV option, you should register now, so there is no disappointment later in the year.

RV Registration for 2012 Homecoming is closed, there are no available slots remaining. 

Speaking of registration… if you have not already done so, please take a moment to stop by and update your contact information for us, as well as let us know how likely it is you might attend homecoming this year. Your input is important to helping us plan out the weekend.

Vessel Registry