2017 – Homecoming Schedule

The homecoming schedule has been updated on the Alumni Foundation website and registration is now open for events hosted by the Alumni Foundation. It is being republished below. As we firm up plans for each of the class events we’ll update this page and link to the appropriate class specific information.

2017 Schedule

THURSDAY – September 14, 2017
1730 – Alumni Awards Dinner (Melville Hall) – Price is $75/person

FRIDAY – September 15, 2017
0730-1530: Seafarer Restaurant Open
0730-1700: Navy Exchange Store Open
1100: Reunion Class Registration (Barney Square Tent)
1100-1200: Tours of the Academy from Barney Square
1200: Lunch with the Regiment (Delano Hall) – $10/person
1400: “State of the Academy” Briefing (Ackerman Auditorium)
1630: Formal Parade (Tomb Field – Weather Permitting)
1715: BBQ Dinner – Barney Square Tent – Price is $28/person
1800: Athletic Hall of Fame (Melville Hall) – Price is $75/person
1930: Candlelight Ceremony Honoring the “142” by Class of 2021
SATURDAY – September 16, 2017
0730-1400: Seafarer Restaurant Open
0800: Colors on Powell Oval
0800: Class Registration Commences (Barney Square Tent)
0800-0930: Barracks are open to the public.
0800-1700: Navy Exchange Store Open
0815: 5K Run (Tomb Field 0745-0800) – Price is $10/person
0900: Lacrosse Alumni Game TBD (Tomb Field)
0930: “Beat Retreat” by the Regimental Band (O’Hara Hall)
0930: Alumni Baseball Game TBD (Lower Roosevelt)
1000: Soccer TBD  (Tomb Field)
1100: Tailgating Begins (McNulty Campus)
1115: Memorial Arbors Ceremony (North Arbors)
1130-1300: Luncheon at Barney Square Tent – Price is $18/person
1230: Alumni Soccer Game TBD (Lower Roosevelt)
1300: Anniversary Reunion Classes Muster for “March-On”
1330: Pre-Game “March On” by Anniversary Reunion Classes (Tomb Field)
1400: Football Game – Kings Point vs. SUNY Maritime (Tomb Field)

Reunion Parties TBD

SUNDAY – September 17, 2017

(NOTE: Change in time of worship services & Brunch Hours to Complement)

0900: Protestant Worship (Mariners Chapel)
1015: Roman Catholic Mass (Mariners Chapel)
1000-1230: Farewell Brunch – Delano Hall $16 

*All events subject to change, especially outdoor events. Events with fee require payment and registration. Please click links above to register those respective events. For more information on each event, please contact Lisa Donitz at 516-773-5658 orlisa.donitz@alumni.usmma.edu.


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