Since the days of wasting countless hours scouring the internet as a plebe candidate for MP3’s and super low quality transfers of popular films, one thing has not changed… internet fads rarely last. From IRC, to Napster, to Scour, the Pirate Bay, etc, they come and go. Most of us probably learned to type on AOL instant messenger and ICQ (Mavis Beacon has nothing on instant messenger), who still uses this stuff? We interact on the web in evolving ways, right now Facebook is the king of the internet, last year it was Myspace… as twitter grows, perhaps it will take over as the big thing next year. Unless your running an old geocities site, people will probably always use websites, so we’ve set this up as the home base for our class on the internet. What ever fad comes next, or when facebook decides to archive group pages again, or for the folks that can’t stand social networking, we’ll have this site to come home to for the latest scuttlebutt, reunion plans, and what ever else we want to make it.

Now that I’ve typed this, I’m expecting an email at any moment to tell me wordpress is being shut down, but until that day comes, welcome to our new web stomping grounds and please pardon the mess as we put this thing together.