2002 – March Madness Tournament 2013

Greetings one and all. Welcome to the second annual 2002 March Madness Tournament. Proceeds from this fundraiser will be split between the victor and the class fund for future homecoming activities, and to offset the costs for the upkeep of this website.


Our tournament will be set up as a 50/50 with half the funds being awarded as prize money to the Tournament Champion and half the funds being utilized to offset put some money into the class fund for future homecoming expenses. With a high rate of participation, we have a chance to give everyone a chance to win the pot, defer some of our future homecoming costs, and have a little fun doing so.

Cost will be $20 per entry, you can enter with 1-3 brackets, you will need to pay the entrance fee for each bracket for it to count. Please feel free to invite friends and family to join us. And let’s hope they paypal robots don’t catch on.

The tournament will be hosted at CBSsports.com.

Selection Sunday will be March 17th

Our tournament group is set up at this link


The group password is actanonverba

This page will be updated when brackets go live.

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